Remote Training

Because Neurofeedback is only offered in a few areas in Michigan, it is often inconvenient for some families in out-lying regions to travel to the office for the twice weekly sessions, as required. To help make the treatments both more affordable and accessible, the Brain Training Center offers a remote training option, allowing you to perform neurofeedback treatments in your home. Though not an option for everyone, those who feel comfortable with computers, and those who enjoy learning, may like the benefits of this service. It is actually easier then most people think, because the evaluation and the brain mapping is first completed by the psychologists at the Southfield office, who then set up the treatment protocol, as well.

The benefits include:

  • No traveling time required
  • One monthly fee, which allows you to perform as many treatments on as many family members as you wish, thus making it very cost effective
  • Unlimited consultations and supervision by a clinical psychologist, to insure that you are performing the procedure correctly
  • The monthly fee includes your training, plus it allows The Brain Training Center to remotely log-on to the computer system that you take home with you

The initial assessment is still done at our Southfield office, and a qEEG (full brain map) is completed, establishing the treatment protocol. The protocol is then entered into the take-home system. We teach you in person how to perform the procedure, (takes about 2 hours), then after you return home, we can remotely log-on to the take-home computer to insure that you are performing the treatments correctly. (We supervise by telephone and, remotely, by computer.)

The rental fee of $600 a month includes: all the equipment; specialized neurofeedback games; unlimited consultations; and the initial training. The first visit & assessment includes a full qEEG brain map (for establishing the individual protocols), biofeedback, and the taking of family history, at an additional $450 cost. Call 248-703-6943 for further information.