ADD and ADHD Assessments for your child

We offer affordable, comprehensive assessments, if you suspect your child of having attention issues. Assessments are also needed if your child is going to participate in neurofeedback.
We offer the full range of computerized tests to evaluate ADD and ADHD, as well as behavioral checklists to be filled out by parents and teachers. We also offer biofeedback and a full brain mapping (qEEG) to get a deeper neurological understanding of what is happening globally in the brain.
NOTE: All tests are verified and scored for validity (reliability) based of normative data basis. That means that the tests have been administered for years, and results are compared with those of your child's age and gender. 



Our evaluations include:

  1. A battery of tests, including computerized tests of attention in real time.
  2. Behavioral checklists for parents and teachers.
  3. Tests of cognitive and reaction time abilities.
  4. Biofeedback in real time, to assess anxiety.
  5. Family history and family dynamics that may be affecting behavior.

Cost without insurance $450.00
This includes: An approximately 1 hour initial meeting; 1 hour of testing; evaluation of all test results; and a follow up visit and report.

With insurance, the cost would depend on co-pays and deductibles. Call your insurance provider for information, or call us at 248-703-6943.


This includes the basic assessment plus a state-of-the-art 19 point brain map (qEEG). This gives us an in-depth neurological look at how the brain waves of attention and inattention may be influencing your child's behavior. (The FDA has actually approved this first "blood test for the brain"--my phrase, not the FDA's.)

Evaluation of the ratio of fast waves to slow waves in certain areas of the brain can indicate the presence of the neurological signature of attention issues, (i.e., ADD or ADHD). This type of brain map can actually give us these brain wave ratios.

This brain mapping is done in the office and is painless and takes about an hour. This map is also compared to a normative database of the child's age and gender and can offer further insights as to the causes of possible attention issues. Research has shown many behavioral connections with qEEG information. Many researchers feel this is better than a CT or an MRI because the information is correlated with behaviors. The qEEG is considered by many neurofeedback professionals to be the "gold standard" in understanding brain function.

Cost $750.00
Includes all of the basic assessments mentioned with basic assessment, plus the brain mapping. This includes a separate brain mapping report, as well as office time to do the brain mapping.

A brain mapping alone can be done without the above-mentioned assessment for $350.00. This includes a full report and office visit, plus a follow-up visit.

We strive to give an honest assessment of your child. We do not like labels, but sometimes they are necessary. Our evaluations will take in all of the global factors mentioned above and present you with a straightforward report and evaluation. In addition, I have worked with children for over 10 years in my practice, and have a child-friendly (not overly clinical) environment. My office space also contains a play area for siblings.
 All tests and assessments reports will be done by Donald Magder, MA. LLP  Clinical Psychologist.  Michigan License # 6301013393
Lynn Vaughn, PhD Supervisor