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The Brain Training Center is a drug-free, holistic body/mind/brain therapy center for children and adults.  In addtion to working with children , we are still doing work for traumatic brain injury with the LENS neurofeedback system in our Southfield by appointment only with no one in the waiting room. Call for details.

We can do remote diagnostic assessments for children AND adults for ADD, ADHD,  If warrented we can send out our neurofeedback equipment to your home to  with the problem. It is very effective and easy to use with our new remote systems that were being developed BEFORE covid.

Click on Remote Training to learn more. Stay safe.

The AMERICAN ACADEMY of PEDIATRICS  has listed BIOFEEDBACK (same as Neurobiofeedback)
as LEVEL ONE (Best support) for children with ADD or ADHD.

(Click on the link for REMOTE NEUROFEEDBACK- Which will show you how to do Neurofeedback in YOUR own home. )

This is not the opinion of just one doctor, or even a group of doctors. This conclusion is based on evidence-based research . Medications act by covering up symptoms, biofeedback improves brain function by improving how the brain communicates with itself.

Because we now live in this new reality where parents are at home with their children, we can- and have been-doing remote training for 2 years-in the Detroit area. We have been giving parents the ability to use our  process in the home. No need to go into the office.  We can ship a neurofeedback system directly to the home in the metropolitan Detroit area.  It is easier to do than you may think. I will walk you through every step of the process via the internet or cell phone face to face technology.  . Please click on Neurofeedback tab for more information.

Like setting a bone and allowing the body to repair itself, neuro-biofeedback helps the brain improve by "setting" brain waves to a more functional level. There are virtually no side effects, plus your child does not have to take a pill for the rest of their life.

Now many Insurance carriers cover Neurofeedback

Blue Cross/Blue Shield is now covering Neurofeedback.  More and more insurance providers are able to cover this. Please call the office at 248-703-6943 to find out if your insurance is on the list. There are at least 10 insurance carriers that now cover this.  Individual plans and co-pays may vary, but it is covered up to 40 sessions.


is a safe & effective DRUG-FREE method which actually helps the brain operate more efficiently, through the concept of self-regulation. Medications can help people cope with disorders, but they do nothing to actually heal the problem.


Neurofeedback has a 50 year history of successfully changing how the brain functions. By helping the brain help itself, we use computer-based monitoring of brain waves, slowly changing them throughout the treatment.  We first start by mapping the brain, using this information in our individualized treatment plan to optimize the brain's ability to focus and learn, to improve impulse control in children, and to lower anxiety in both children and adults. Please visit our section on how neurofeedback works. Also my article Holistic Neuroscience originally published in Body/Mind/Spirit guide.

Here is a great link regarding the advantages of using a brain mapping to help children,

Neurofeedback (or neuro-biofeedback) can help with:




(Those on the PDD spectrum, including PDD-NOS)


Also helps children with:

=Bed Wetting

-Sensory Processing Disorders

-Executive Function issues








as well as other issues





….Discover how NEURO-BIOFEEDBACK can help your child by


  • Social awareness
  • Attention
  • Impulse control
  • and Increase language

This method works organically with the brain, WITHOUT MEDICATIONS

Neuro-biofeedback has been used SAFELY & EFFECTIVELY for over 50 years. Research, in conjunction with affordable and faster computers, has made it possible for more therapists to use this method......(more)

There is NO CHARGE for the initial consultation.

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Watch this DAN RATHER CBS video to get a basic idea of how neurofeedback works. Though the video is out of focus, we have found it to be the best introduction to neuro-biofeedback.