Assessments-Note:Due to the Coronavirus we do assessments in the home via telemedicine-(Zoom) to keep everyone safe.  Please call for details or read below.  .

Remote ADD and ADHD Assessments for your child in the age of Coronavirus Call for a free consultation.

Many parents have suspected their children may have attention issues and wish to have them tested.
As a Clinical psychologist I  offer a battery of tests, family history and questioners to teachers and parents to get a more comprehensive view of what is going on with their child. Insurance will pay for these services even when we do them remotely in the home.
We offer the full range of computerized tests to evaluate ADD and ADHD, as well as behavioral checklists to be filled out by parents and teachers. This can be done REMOTELY in your home (using the computer and a face-time related app on you cell phone or Zoom.
NOTE: All tests are verified and scored for validity (reliability) based of normative data basis. That means that the tests have been administered for years, and results are compared with those of your child's age and gender. 

REMOTE (IN THE HOME) BASIC ASSESSMENT FOR ADD/ADHD leading to an official diagnoses.

This time where children are staying home, we can still very effectively test your child, and if need be give a diagnoses. This can help clarify you son or daughters condition if an IEP is in question or you just need a diagnoses.

Our remote evaluations include:

  1. A battery of tests, including computerized tests of attention in real time.
  2. Behavioral checklists for parents and teachers.
  3.  Tests of cognitive and reaction time abilities  done on your computer at home remotely. I supervise this test visually via my cell phone and yours or Zoom.
  4. Family history and family dynamics that may be affecting behavior.
  5. An authoritative final report to present to the shool or other settings.(also done a clinical psychologist)) that you can keep.

Cost without insurance $500.00
This includes: An approximately 1 hour initial meeting; 1 hour of testing; evaluation of all test results; and final follow up and full report.

The cost with insurance would depend on co-pays and deductibles. Call your insurance provider for information, or call us at 248-703-6943.


Cost $750.00
Includes all of the basic assessments mentioned with basic assessment, plus the brain mapping. This includes a separate brain mapping report, as well as office time to do the brain mapping. The is the absolute gold standard in understanding how your childs brain waves function. This has been around for 50 years, and technology has only made it more precise. It is used for protocols for neurofeedback but also gives a much better neurological picture for attion issues in adults or children.


A brain mapping alone can be done without the above-mentioned assessment for $350.00. This includes a full map report and interpretation of map.

We strive to give an honest assessment of your child. We do not like labels, but sometimes they are necessary. Our evaluations will take in all of the global factors mentioned above and present you with a straightforward report and evaluation. In addition, I have worked with children for over 15 years in my practice, and have a child-friendly (not overly clinical) environment.
 All tests and assessments reports will be done by Donald Magder, MA. LLP  Clinical Psychologist. 
 Michigan License # 6301013393
Richard Cahill, PhD Supervisor