Books on Neurofeedback

There are a number of books on neurofeedback.  Many of the ones written for professionals contain hundreds of pages, but, for our purposes, here are the books that I recommend parents read for a full overview of both systems that I offer.
The first two are essential reading, but "A Symphony in The Brain" is also a great read regarding the history of the field.

Healing Young Brains

by Robert Hill, Ph.D. & Eduardo Castro - 2009

Very well written and accessible for understanding "traditional" neurofeedback basics and beyond. It's filled with practical examples and case histories.

A Symphony in the Brain

by Jim Robbins - 2000, 2008

A very lively, detailed account on the history of neurofeedback. Very readable and thorough, Mr. Robbins has done everyone in the field a great service. It's considered a classic. Get the 2008 edition.


by Dr. Frank Lawlis - 2004

Dr. Lawlis is a constant contributer to the Dr. Phil show. His book, THE ADD ANSWER, is filled with information on how our current culture deals with many issues regarding this disorder. He utilizes neurofeedback in his own practice, but more importantly, he believes in a global approach to the problem. Secondary gains, (such as emotional manipulation), that a child can get from "having a disorder" are all explained elegantly in this book. He also feels drugs should only be used as a last resort, and even then, with great caution. A must read.

The Healing Power of Neurofeedback

by Stephen Larsen, Ph.D. - 2005

The first book published about the LENS system, it also doubles as a tutorial for many of the disorders that are used as case histories throughout the book.

A very readable and inspiring account of not only the LENS system, but as a professor at SUNY college in New York, Dr. Stephen Larsen, Ph.D. writes as if you are a student in his classroom, anticipating your next question with humor and a flair for language, layered with decades of clinical experience.

This book was written after 10 years of research based on his work and that of the founder of the LENS system, Dr. Len Ochs.

The Neurofeedback Solution

by Stephen Larsen, Ph.D. - 2012

This is Larsen's second book written about the LENS system, (published five years after his first book), containing information from additional neuro-therapists using LENS, as well as new technologies and the latest research in the field. Featured are new techniques such as infra-low neurofeedback for autism, plus new advances in transcranial magnetic stimulation by Dr. Nick Dogris. My own work with the Indigo Childrens Project--here in the Detroit area--is also featured in the chapter on autism.