Remote Training-

 Remote training in the home is the latest trend in neurofeedback because it is so convenient, without compromising the training.  This is because clients are able to get the best of both worlds: You have an experienced LOCAL clinical psychologist (15 years doing neurofeedback for children) to supervise your child in your home AND a complete home neurofeedback system. The results come back to the psychologist who can monitor the sessions in real time. This system is available ANYWHERE in Michigan.  Because Neurofeedback is only offered in a few areas in Michigan, it is often inconvenient for some families in out-lying regions to travel to the office for the twice weekly sessions, as required. Neurofeedback works by training the brain through monitoring brain waves (very user friendly) while your child watches video exercises or their favorite movies. Though it sounds a bit daunting to be working with the brain, it is actually VERY safe and to administer with virtually no side effects.

Nothing is being sent inside the head, we are monitoring the signals COMING OUT OF THE HEAD. This is a non-invasive therapy with No needles, shocks or anything painful for the child. The child will just think he or she is watching a movie with some wires on his or her head.


Insurance will cover what is called a tele-medicine session. 

50 Years of Neurofeedback Research and Use

Neurofeedback has been used for over 50 years .Thousands of therapists having been using this holistic method all over the world and US. It is actually much easier than you think, even if you are not totally comfortable with computers.  I will walk you through every step and can literally do the  sessions from my computer in my home office until you feel comfortable doing them yourself.

Please take a look at this video to get a sense of how it works:

The benefits include:

  • No traveling time required.
  • First initial family history intake is no charge.
  • One monthly fee, which allows you to perform as many treatments .The rental fee 700.00/month (unless you have insurance) to rent for unlimited sessions. Most parents catch on within a week and are on their own quicker than they think. This is a behavioral therapy based on repetition.
  • Unlimited consultations and supervision by a clinical psychologist, to insure that you are performing the procedure correctly.
  • Unlimited sessions-no "per session" fee. (except insurance).
  • The Brain Training Center can remotely log-on to your system at any time to ensure quality control throughout the session duration.
  • We provide all equipment, training and supervision.
  • Can be done safety in the home.
  • Insurance may cover for details.
  • Free second brain map to assess progress after 30 sessions.