Expected Fees

Traditional Neurofeedback

Initial intake includes a neurological checklist, family history, and other questioneres.. The 500.00 fee (if you do not have insurance) is currently being waived due to the virus.

Currently Blue Cross/Blue Shield insurance and Cigna does cover 40 full sessions of neurofeedback,and many other insurers as well. Insurance DOES cover tele-medicine so the neurofeedback can be done in your home and be covered by insurance. 

A qEEG brain map cannot be  done during this Coronavirus outbreak as of 3-20-2020 until further notice. However we CAN assess the brain in other ways and do Remote Training in YOUR home. This is done in many other clicics around the nation and is still considered best practices. We will use peer reviewed protocols based on intake. All remote training is done via computer where I can access your computer to train you. It is easier than you think. I provide the entire system-Computer, monitor, EEG , etc. I put the protocols in the system I also can do the training via tele-medicine. (Computer). 

If paying cash -the total cost of 4 to 5 months of treatment and the assessment would be  $2400.00, This is a significant savings over office visits and you have use unlimited  use of the system.  Furthermore it can be used by more than one child or family member at no extra cost. 

LENS Neurofeedback-This can also be done remotely for Traumatic Brain Injury and Autism. 

I am so sorry, but the office is closed until further notice due to the Coronavirus. However, the LENS system can still can be used remotely. I am with you via skype of Whatsapp and actually do the session with you.

It has shown to be wonderfully effective for many conditions,  Traumatic Brain Injury seems to be the most effective use of this very short (10 minutes) work on the brain. I have been working with TBI for 15 years.

I use the LENS system for treating Traumatic Brain Injury, OCD, Anxiety and Panic Attacks, and Autism.

The charge for an adult or child with any of the disorders mentioned above is $400/month and can be rented for remote use.

If you have a child with Autism call me at 248-703-6943.