Expected Fees

Traditional Neurofeedback

Initial intake includes a family history and we get a chance to meet. This is NO CHARGE. This done through tele-medicine (Zoom) so no traveling is required.

Currently we only take Blue Cross/Blue Shield insurance. Insurance DOES cover tele-medicine so the neurofeedback can be done in your home and be covered by insurance.

Once you decide to go ahead, a brain map is done in the office (totally painless) and the home system is given to you. The brain map is considered the gold standard in seeing what areas of the brain need to be treated.

If paying cash, the cost is $700.00/month for unlimited use of the system. This is a significant savings over a per session office visit. I do offer a sliding scale. Call for details.

LENS Neurofeedback-This can also be done remotely for Traumatic Brain Injury and Autism. 

Currently, the Low Energy lNeurofeedback System will not be available until May. I use the LENS system for treating Traumatic Brain Injury, OCD, Anxiety and Panic Attacks, and Autism.

The charge for an adult or child with any of the disorders mentioned above is $500/month and can be rented for remote use.