Monisha O. Troy, Michigan

This has been quite a journey for me. Initially the neurofeedback started making some great changes in my daughter’s ability to sit still. I did not realize it would take a while before it became a permanent change. I had to keep the faith through 5 months of treatments.

Prior to this treatment, I always felt I was a bad mother. I just kept losing my patience. I would just not be able to make her do her homework. There was no way I was able to convince her to sit down and do it. The teacher would E-mail to me what needed to be done at home, because she did not finish it at school, even though the teacher gave her extra time to do it.

My faith paid off. all of a sudden, I started noticing changes in her. She was able to retain information given to her in class well as at home. She is now putting her homework first, then doing the things she wants to do. This has changed our entire dynamic at home with me and my family. We are much happier and I do not feel like the “bad” mother anymore! All this without drugs and the healing is a permanent change.